Testimony 1

I realised how much our family has been influenced by ABA a couple of weeks ago, when I was telling my husband about something I had done. His response was, “Great job- do you want a wibbily wobbily, or a Smartie for good work?”. We have only been doing ABA with our 3.5 year old daughter for 7 short weeks, but it has already helped make our family happier, and more optimistic about our daughter’s future.

The first session was, as expected, met with much resistance from my willful little girl. From the second session on, Amelia has taken to ABA with much enthusiasm and really enjoys the work and her team. She is learning so much, and so quickly, that it seems all of my spare time is spent making new materials. I can honestly say, my daughter has never been happier. She gets so much pleasure out of achieving new tasks, and glows with delight when she gets whoops of praise from her team. It is a joy to watch her learn, and to be a part of the teaching process.

After the initial devastation of getting an unexpected ASD diagnosis, it is so empowering to be involved in a therapy that is so obviously working for our little girl. Our family are eternally grateful to Dr O. Ivar Lovaas for his lifetime of pioneering work, and commitment to helping our children to learn. May he rest in peace knowing his work will continue to benefit families for many years to come.


Testimony 2

When James first got diagnosed, there was the initial devastation that all our dreams for him had been crushed. Would he talk, would he always be in nappies, will he ever understand us? That was a year ago, and what an amazing change we have seen since Isadd have been on board.

He is now attending a mainstream kindy, initiating play with all the kids, and is talking in sentences. We were dancing around in the lounge room the other day when he said four words that were unprompted and I thought on day one that I would never hear – “I love you Mummy”.

To all my angel Isadd therapists there are not enough words to thank you for all the hard work you do. You are all priceless.


Testimony 3

My name is ****** and my daughter L**** completed four and a half years of therapy through ISADD in June 2007.

I have been meaning to email you both earlier, but I needed time to reflect on the process.
The journey ended very quietly with the goodbyes to the therapists and Case Manager, but the results have been SPECTACULAR!!!
L**** is now a gorgeous, indistinguishable normal eight year old whose language and social skills are on par with her peers, and she needs no assistance in day to day life.
I thought I should inform you of her outcome, as she is an absolute success story.

Thank you for providing a service that works!!!! I will be forever grateful.


Testimony 4

Our many thanks to the therapists who have worked with our son, Timothy over the last two years.
Tania Dawson, Tim’s case manager and therapists, Rheshee Williams and Kathryn Murray have certainly made a significant improvement to our son’s learning and socialisation.

Tim enjoys his sessions and is usually a hard worker.
We have been very impressed by the levels of energy and professionalism shown towards our son and his significant improvement in all areas of development.

Thanks again to all concerned.


Testimony 5

“I am amazed at the work ISADD has done with the child I teach – I cannot believe she was once isolated in her own world as I watch her run around screaming
and playing ‘chasey’ with the other kids!!”

Received from a teacher


Testimony 6

I would like to thank ISADD for their work to date. They have already made a huge difference in our lives.
We are very happy with ****’s help and professional approach and this is the same of all dealings with ISADD to date.


Testimony 7

I would like to extend my appreciation to you and Isadd therapists that had rendered assistance to my son, EC for the past 4 years.

EC started his learning journey with Isadd at the age of 2. We see him grow and improved throughout the years.  Your therapists are great and till today I am
deeply grateful to the teaching and assistance they have rendered EC thru these years.

I strongly recommend anyone with ABA needs to seek Isadd’s help as it has been proven at least to me the effectiveness of the program.

Yours sincerely,


Testimony 8

My husband and I would like thank ISADD for their services. ISADD has provided a path of hope and a way of life for our son, Marcus and our family.

Marcus was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. At that time, he was speech and language delayed. Marcus had challenging behaviours and displayed no
signs of wanting to play with his peers. He also had no eye contact.

As parents we were concerned with Marcus’ delays. We then started the ABA programme when Marcus was 4 years old. He had about 4 hours of ABA programme a
day or 28 hours per week. Initially it was hard to consistently keep engaging Marcus but over time I got used to it and teaching Marcus became second nature.

Marcus is now twelve years old. He is a polite, helpful and social pre-teen. He is currently attending a mainstream intermediate school and is coping well. Marcus enjoys
school and his teacher includes him in all activities. His teacher commented that Marcus is a popular student in class. Although there are some challenges, we try to prepare him
to a level where he can be inclusive in all school activities such as playing social basketball. Marcus’ peers respect and enjoy interacting with him.

When Marcus was first diagnosed, all we could see was only darkness at the end of the tunnel but now we can see some light. Marcus has come a long way and he has made
positive changes in his life. Every cent we spent on ABA was well worth it. We have no regrets.

We appreciate the hard work that ISADD has put in for Marcus and a special thanks to Jura Tender who has given us valuable guidance through the years.

Yvonne and CK


Testimony 9

Our move to England is looming and we couldn’t leave without penning a few words of thanks. Our journey with ISADD started in February 2005, when or son was
diagnosed with autism just before his 3rd birthday. The initial shock for us turned into a search to give our son the best possible outcome, and that soon led us to ISADD.

The highs and lows of the rollercoaster ride that we have held on so tightly to for the past 3 years has significantly changed all of our lives, and this is mainly due to the
partnership that we have developed with our Programme Manager, Case Manager and Therapist, and the huge amount of support and guidance they have shown us during this time.

We have emerged as a happy and functioning family, that 3 years ago seemed a total impossibility. The skills that we have developed, the commitment that we made to embrace the programme, the confidence that we have gained in our ability as parents, and the huge amount of hard work we have put in has paid off for us.
Our son is now nearly 6 and has the strong foundations to allow him the best possible opportunities for his future.

The words “Thank You” really don’t seem to be enough when expressing our gratitude, as without ISADD life could have been very different right now.
Please pass on my appreciation to all your wonderful team members, that have inspired us with their dedication, love and patience for the children they teach
– they deserve to know what a tremendous job they do, and how much they can change families lives.

Although this is just the first stage of the long road ahead for us, it will be remembered very warmly as it has taught us so much, about our son and ourselves.

Kind regards
ISADD clients


Testimony 10

Deep in our hearts we knew that there was something wrong with our daughter, but managed to rock ourselves to sleep pushing this thought away. At the age of 2.5 years she was almost non verbal, never involved herself in social play, enjoyed watching TV commercials, however she had a nice social smile and was not absent. It was until our good friends, who have an autistic son, came to visit us on the occasion of our newborn son, who was 1.5 months old at that time. Our friends suggested that we should contact ISADD and fortunately Charlotta, who was working for ISADD at that time, was in Lithuania at that moment. So immediately we arranged for a visit and so our journey with ISADD has started. In Lithuania, there is no financial support for ABA services and the cost of the program has put a substantial burden on our family, but when you think of your child and her future, probably there is no cost that would be too high.

Our daughter’s progress was really fast – she picked up compics so quickly, and it became our first means of communication. Until then she would scream and point, but not say a word. We can clearly remember the day when we went to the zoo and picked up a traveling compic book with us. Our daughter started screaming and we could not realize what she wanted. We handed her a wish plate and a compic book and she immediately found a compic for ice cream and put it on the plate. That was such a relief… The next step was learning to speak and we can still remember tears in our eyes, when our daughter said “Mummy sits” – that was her first sentence. If you asked us, when we did realize, that our journey will be so successful, our answer would be – we KNEW it all the time. It might sound quite rhetorical but KNOWING that we were and still are doing the right and the best evidence-based therapy available was what kept us moving forward. This was strongly supported by my educational background – I hold a PhD in Public Health and am a researcher and an associate professor at the University. Our experience inspired me to read, watch and learn so many things about autism and I soon discovered that there is so little information on autism in Lithuanian and most of it is non- evidence based. So this May two articles written by me on evidence-based methods in managing autism will be published in health and parenting journals. Also, I was invited to a parent TV show and talked about the importance of early signs that parents should notice. Well, these are small steps and they will be continued further.

We would be lying if we said that there were no hard moments in our lives. The first hard thing was to realize that our daughter is different and to fight the fear that she might stay non-verbal and more or less dependent on her family throughout the whole life. This was also accompanied with the fear that our younger son, who was 1.5 months at that time, might be affected. We were so feared that we followed very carefully that each developmental milestone was right on time. And so it was, he started talking very early and currently at the age of 2 years and 4 months he is ahead of his peers. He is extremely sociable and has pushed his sister to get involved in playing with other children.

At one parent day Jura said that three things are essential for a success – the child, the program and the family. We were so lucky that our daughter had a great potential, that we could enter THE PROGRAM early enough and that the great team of supporters – our families always were there for us. And let us express our sincerest and deepest thanks to Jura, Isabella, Zenia and our therapists Simona, Rasa and Aliona for guiding and accompanying us throughout our journey.

Now we have just finished the second year of therapy and the change that occurred gradually is even hard to realize. Our beautiful daughter is learning things naturally; she is cheerful, happy, empathic, full of interesting ideas, plans and finally absolutely comfortable with herself and her peers. She still has to overcome some fear to failure and her articulation needs to be improved but these are minor things compared to what has been achieved. There was a spring feast at kindergarten and we could not believe our eyes when we saw our daughter standing up in front of the parent audience with a couple of other children and saying a short poem clearly, loudly and all by herself. Indistinguishable from other kids, isn’t that the ultimate?

Liudvika and Vytautas