Grace’s journey with ISADD started back in 2009 when she attended K1 at Gracefield Kindergarten. She was (and still is!) a cheerful girl, full of creative/funny ideas with a great sense of humor.

Grace Poon 3
Receiving the Good Character Award two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015 was the pinnacle of Grace’s achievement in her Primary School years (and many more to come!). Just like any other journeys, there are many ups and downs, rest stops and surprises along the way.

Grace Poon 1
Grace Poon 2

Little did we know that by the time she entered primary school, she was so eager to perform that she went on the stage during assembly, took the microphone, and to everyone’s delight or entertainment, she sang a few lines of her favorite song into the microphone in front of the entire school! And the best part of the story is, that was the school’s first assembly for the new school year, addressed by the school principal!

Grace Poon 4

It has truly been an amazing journey working with Grace and we are very proud of what the team and Grace has achieved over the years. Grace’s remarkable transformations are the results of endless hard work and consistency across the therapists, teachers, friends, families and Grace herself. Though challenges still lies ahead, and we are doing our part in equipping her in advance, Grace is maturing into a very fine young lady and we have every confident in her to continue to succeed and grow in the rest of her academic walk and more importantly, into adulthood.



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